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Gentlemen’s Clubs have become a fixture of the Pattaya scene these days. From a small handful in 2010 there are now over 30 such venues dotted around the city. One reason for the growth is likely to be the huge changes in Soi 6, over the same time frame, from small enclosed bars to open party style bars. However, one thing to be aware of –

The term Gentlemen’s Clubs is used very loosely. In general it is applied to pretty much any enclosed bar that does the bulk of its business in the daytime. They are a far cry from what you might expect from a Private GC in other countries. Indeed many are tiny and there is little in the way of luxury involved here. Indeed you could even argue there are not many “gentlemen” either. There are, of course, a few exceptions such as Passion Club, Blush and Kinnaree which are large and rather swish.

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